Ethic Topics in the History of Economic Thought


2019-01-09 07:15

Liang Jie;Zhao Hao
Fudan Journal

Abstract: This paper reviews the changing process of ethic topics in the history of economic researchsummarizes its background and analyses the inner logic of the changeWe find that ethic topics have always been an important part of economics since ancient GreekIn the late 19th Centurywith the progress of utilitarianism and deductive methodseconomists gradually removed ethic topics from economics to construct a pure economic theory systemBut in the late decadessome economists have noticed the harmfulness of this practice since the main stream economics faced with challenges on methodologySo ethic topics have been introduced into economics again with the progress of empirical and experimental method

Keywords: ethic topics; history of economic thought; ancient philosophy; utilitarianism

The Chinese version appeared in Fudan Journal , 2018(06).



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