On the Emei Daoist Health Culture


2017-04-20 12:00

Jiang Yue
Journal of Neijiang Normal Unive

Abstract: Bashu area is the birthplace of Daoism and the Mount Emei is one of the important Daoist fairylands. Although the Emei Daoism has been on the wane since the Ming Dynasty, it still passes down in the Emei Mountain area, though there aren’t much dada left. According to the small amount of data, the Emei Daoist culture of health preserving constitutes in the practice of taking the Daoist dan exlixir, doing the exercise of one’s breath, as well as the practice of martial arts, etc.
Key Words: the Emei Daoism; the culture of health preserving; the taking of Daoist exlixir; the exercise of breath; the health preserving via martial arts
The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Neijiang Normal University, 2017(02).





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