Study on Prevention and Appointment Breaking Risk of China's Rural Land Circulation

Based on the Case of Qionglai City of Sichuan Province


2017-04-10 12:00

CAO Xinfu,LI Meicun
Journal of Shanxi Agricultural S

Abstract: To effectively prevent appointment breaking in rural land circulation and safeguard legitimate rights and interests of farmers, the paper firstly analyzed main reasons and sources of risks of the phenomenon of appointment breaking in rural land circulation from three aspects, including the "eager pursuit of profit" of the industrial and commercial capital, the "misconduct of acts" of grass-roots governments and "insufficient supply" of effective systems. On this basis, the paper focused on introducing a series of practical explorations and experiences of Qionglai in Sichuan in the active introduction of guarantee and insurance mechanism for the performance in land circulation to prevent the risk of appointment breaking in rural land circulation. Finally, the paper proposed countermeasures and suggestions including establishing and improving collective economic organizations, actively implementing the "pre-circulation" of property, guiding industrial and commercial enterprises to rationally invest, improving the regulatory mechanism of land circulation, promoting the transaction marketization of property rights, strictly regulating the transaction process, actively introducing the insurance of land circulation and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of farmers, to provide a reference for the rural land circulation in other regions.
Key Words: Land circulation; appointment breaking; risk; Qionglai city; prevention
The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Shanxi Agricultural Sciences, 2017(01).


2017-04-10 10:36
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