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The Park City Forum held in Tianfu New District in Chengdu


2019-04-26 07:25


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To further deepen the theoretical research and practical exploration of Park city, the first Park City Forum was held in Tianfu New District in Chengdu on April 22th 2019. The forum, with the theme of "Park City, Future City: Park City Theory Research and Path Exploration", is sponsored by the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Construction and the Chengdu Municipal People's Government.


The Forum was presided over by Luo Qiang, Mayor of Chengdu. Fan Ruiping, Secretary of the Chengdu Municipal Committee of The CPC, attended the Forum and delivered keynote speeches. Ni Hong, Vice Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction, and Zhuangshaoqin, General Planner of the Ministry of Natural Resources, delivered keynote speeches. Wu Zhiqiang, Vice President of Tongji University, and other guests delivered keynote speeches from the perspectives of planning and construction, ecological environment, social economy and the United Nations.


Ernst Waller, the Speaker of the Parliament of the State (City) of Vienna, a representative of Friendly Cities, shared the successful experience of Vienna's urban construction over the past 100 years, and Its advanced public services and infrastructure, well-structured and reliable public transport network and a wide range of cultural and leisure activities have made Vienna be in the list of "the world's highest quality of life cities". He also said that he looked forward to better cooperation with Chengdu.


Academician Wu Zhiqiang emphasized that the park city should become a complete life, form a set of institutional mechanisms, realize the desire for the city to make life better and become a perfect interpretation of the "better city".


In the afternoon of the same day, four parallel sub-forums, including planning and construction, ecological environment, social economy and Longquanshan Urban Forest Park construction, were held at the same time. Many well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad gathered to explore the path of Park City concept exploration. At the forum, Chengdu Consensus was formed, and the monograph "Park City - Theoretical Exploration of New Model of Urban Construction" was published.


This session of the Park City Forum is an annual "answer sheet" submitted by Chengdu, bearing in mind its mission, systematic planning and scientific deployment. It is a grand gathering of top "Think tanks" at home and abroad. It is also an active exploration of Chengdu's opening up and inviting experts around the world to seek wisdom and seek wisdom for the construction of Park cities. It is also an active exploration of Chengdu to show a new era, new responsibilities and new achievements. At the same time, it is an active exploration to provide a model of urban construction for the world.


Professor Li Houqiang delivered the speech with the title “Park city must have beautiful river network system”



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2019-04-26 03:26
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