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Academic Summit on "Hilly Area Rural Revitalization" Held


2019-04-26 02:58



On April 21st, Academic Summit on "Hilly Area Rural Revitalization" was held in Rongxian County, Zigong City, Sichuan Province, hosted by Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences and Rural Revitalization Strategic Research Think Tank of Sichuan Province and organized by the CPC Committee of Rongxian County and Rongxian People's Government. Well-known experts and scholars from inside and outside the province had a heated discussion on hilly area rural revitalization and contributed many good ideas on rongxian’s development.

At the beginning of the meeting, the guests watched the prom video of Rongxian. Li Guogui, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Zigong City delivered speech. Han Mingzhu, secretary of CPC committee of Rongxian County, said in his speech that Rongxian is a major agricultural production area in Sichuan province and a typical agricultural county in hilly area. With a solid foundation for agricultural and rural development, it has been awarded more than 10 national and provincial titles on agricultural and rural development, such as the major grain-producing county in China and the only national agricultural sustainable development experimental demonstration zone in the province.

Han Mingzhu said that this summit is the first large-scale academic activity held since Rongxian and Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences jointly built the scientific research and teaching base. The summit invited many authoritative experts in the field of "agriculture, countryside and farmers" in China to share the latest research results and practical experience of rural revitalization.

At the summit, professor Li Houqiang, secretary of CPC committee of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, delivered a speech and a keynote report. At the same time, experts present have made keynote speech successively.

    In the afternoon, the guests visited Rongxian rural revitalization industry sand table and big data center. The summit also hold sub-forums on "constraints, opportunities and challenges of hilly area rural revitalization" and "breakthrough priorities and policy choices of hilly area rural revitalization", and reached the Consensus on Hilly Area Rural Revitalization in Rongxian County.


2019-04-26 10:59
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