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The 1st Academic Seminar of Yanyuan Bronze Culture Held


2022-07-07 07:29

Cao Miaoxin

YANYUAN,June 18--The first academic seminar of Yanyuan Bronze Culture,Communication and Integration of Various Nationalities was held in Yanyuan County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

Archaeologists have found the history of human activity in the region dateing back 5,000 years, while the Bronze Age extending to the late Shang Dynasty. Besides Sanxingdui and Jinsha sites, it is regarded as another “Bronze Kingdom” in Sichuan Province.



This meeting atracted experts and scholars from China Academy of Social Sciences, Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University and other domestic and foreign scholars to gather together for in-depth discussing on Yanyuan cultural relics archaeology, ethnic history and culture and other topics.

Translated by Lena.




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