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China’s Metropolitan Circle Development Report Released


2019-03-13 07:26


On Mar. 1st, Cultivating and Developing Modernized Metropolitan Circle Seminar was held in Beijing, with the release of 2018 China’s Metropolitan Circle Development Report.

The Report points out the development characteristics and five main problems of Chinas metropolitan circle: development is not balanced, and development level is relatively low; the inner connection of metropolitan circle is not close, the radiation driving effect of the central city is not strong, and the connection between the central city of the metropolitan circle and the peripheral cities is not close; the over-concentration of population and resources in megacities calls for the urgent optimization of urban structure; the development level of metropolitan circle is low and there is a lack of effective coordination mechanism; and the standard system of metropolitan circle development is not perfect and the means of monitoring and evaluation are deficient.

Therefore, the Report puts forward the general thought and working proposal for Chinas Metropolitan Circle strategy. The proposal includes five points: the first is establishing the standard system of demarcation of metropolitan circle and guiding the implementation of classification, the second is stepping up the development of metropolitan circle and formulating policy guidelines for them, the third is establishing a national big data platform for monitoring and evaluating the development of metropolitan circle, the forth is carrying out trials related to the construction and development of modernized metropolitan circle, and the fifth is implementing the main body of responsibility and accelerating legislation in metropolitan circle.



2019-03-13 03:26
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