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Research on Shudao Culture and Historical Figures


2019-03-08 02:28



Research on Shudao (Roads connecting Sichuan with the outside) Culture and Historical Figures by Professor Ma Qiang of Southwest University has been officially published by Heilongjiang People's Publishing House. This book comprised a collection of articles written by Professor Ma Qiang in the fields of regional history and culture (mainly in Shudao and Qinba Mountains) and its historical figures, including prefaces and reviews for works written by friends in academic circles. Ma Qiang said, "In a sense, the publication of Shudao Culture and Historical Persons Research is a symbol of my hard work over the years."


In recent years, the history and culture of Shudao have attracted more and more attention from all walks of life. This book is mainly compiled from the history and culture of Shudao and Qinba Mountains. The history, culture and historical geography of Shudao and Qinba Mountains in the upper reaches of Hanshui River are the key areas Ma Qiang has been fond of and exerted more efforts over the years. Ma Qiang introduced that his research on Shudao began in the late 1980s. At that time, after several years of accumulation, a number of Shudao research articles were published one after another. Later, and the first book he published was "The Upper Reaches of Hanshui River and the Historical Geography of Shudao" (Sichuan People's Publishing House, 2004). In recent years, with the gradual warming up of Shudao's "application for World Heritage" and the development of tourism industry along Shudao, the study of Shudao has also become prosperous. There have been more academic seminars in Sichuan, Shanxi and Gansu, and more scholars and the scientific research management departments have paid attention to the history and culture of Shudao and its historical documents. Ma Qiang is currently undertaking the National social science major project "Shudao Literature Arrangement and Research" in 2017.


The book includes "On Shudao Culture", "On the Present Situation and Development for Shudao Documentation Arrangement and Research", "The Characteristics and Significance of Shudao and Jialing River Basin Local Documents", "The Development of Tourism Resources along Shudao Line", etc., some of which are old manuscripts and some of which are newly completed. Among them, "On the Present Situation and Development of Shudao Literature Arrangement and Research" is the main idea and the main idea of his criticism on the research status of Shudao Literature at the beginning of the National social science major project "Shudao Literature Arrangement and Research" in 2017.


Translated by wengjun


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