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"Yuan Tingdong Culture Stack" Opened at Chengdu Public Library


2019-03-15 02:30



Chengdu Public Library started the construction of "Yuan Tingdong Culture Stack" in August 2018. "Yuan Tingdong Culture Stack" officially opened in this morning. The collection of books, newspaper clippings and manuscripts in "Yuan Tingdong culture Stack" are all donated by Mr. Yuan Tingdong. The books of the stack have 6233 kinds and 6453 volumes, among which the books of Bashu culture and Chengdu culture are the most distinctive, with 1154 kinds and 1211 volumes in total. In addition to the collection of books, the largest amount of this donation is the cultural research materials collected by Mr. Yuan Tingdong in the form of newspaper clippings for more than 30 years, mainly focusing on Bashu culture and ancient diet culture. Through decades of classified accumulation, the number of newspaper clippings has come to tens of thousands.

Yuan Tingdong, a famous scholar of Bashu culture, has been engaged in academic research for decades and published more than 30 kinds of works. He has been the main guest speaker of CCTV and provincial TV stations for many times. He is enthusiastic about the communication, protection and promotion of Chengdu urban culture. Yuan Tingdong is also one of the most influential masters of Bashu culture in recent years.

Xiao Ping, director of Chengdu Public Library, said that Chengdu Public Library attaches great importance to Mr. Yuan Tingdong's donation, and elaborately built "Yuan Tingdong Culture Stack" to store all donated documents. The library specially sets "Yuan Tingdong Culture Stack" in the local literature department, which integrates the collection of the stack with more than 20000 volumes of local document collections in Chengdu Public Library and forms a relatively complete "Tianfu Culture Collection System".

Xiao Ping revealed that Chengdu Public Library is building an "Old Chengdu Image Database " with Yuan Tingdong's proposal and active support, which will be officially open to readers at that time. This database collects about 3000 old photos of Chengdu before the founding of new China, many of which are first published in China. It can not only make up for the shortage of historical documents, but also further enrich the collection type and quantity of "Chengdu Document Center" of our library.

In the future, Chengdu Public Library will devote itself to build "Chengdu Document Center". The center will become a resource, information and think tank for the research, inheritance and development of Tianfu culture. At that time, "Chengdu Document Center" is not only the concentration of city spirit and culture, but also the epitome of city changes over thousands of years. It can serve as a symbol and representative of city culture, serve the social and economic development of Chengdu and the needs of readers, and become a new name card and a new landmark of Tianfu culture inheritance.

Mr. Yuan Tingdong's consciousness of protecting Tianfu culture and his dedication to it are the foundation of "Yuan Tingdong's Culture Stack". Yuan Tingdong was not only accomplished in the study of ancient culture, but also devoted himself to the protection and inheritance of Tianfu culture. His donation of lifetime collection will play a leading role in Chengdu, which will let more experts and scholars donate their collection and manuscripts.




2019-03-15 10:31
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