China in the Internet Age


2022-03-01 12:00

Lv Benfu; Hao Yeli


Title: China in the Internet Age

Author: Lv Benfu; Hao Yeli

ISBN: 9787119114408

Press: Foreign Languages Press



Chapter I The Internet Era

The 77th Country on the Internet

First E-

The ".CN" Domain

Embracing the Internet

Nascent Stages

Pioneer Yinghaiwei

Sina and Sohu

Evolution of E-commerce

Statistics on China's Internet Sector

772 Million Internet Users

1.4 Billion Client Devices

Fast Expanding Mobile Internet Market

The Majority of Internet Users in China are Under 40 Years Old

Average Time Spent Online Per Capital

Basic Internet Resources

Websites and Web Pages

Websites in China, by Industry and Content

Digital Economy

China's Internet Industry Has Entered a New Era

Role of the Internet in Economic Restructuring

"lnternet Plus" as a National Strategy

Chapter II Internet in China - History and Business Models

What Do Internet Users Do on the Internet?

Top 22 Types of Internet-based Applications

Evolution of Internet-Based Business Models

Commercialization of the Internet

Online Advertising

Online Gaming


Online Payment

Socializing on the Internet

User-generated Content (UGC)

Network Videos

Live Webcast

Knowledge Monetization

Internet Ecosystem

Chinese Internet Giants

Tencent's Ecosystem

Venture Capital and IPO

Venture Funding in China's Internet Industry

IPO Boom of Chinese Internet Companies

Chapter III Ways of Circulation in the Internet Era


Chapter IV Ways of Manufacturing in the Internet Era

Chapter V Lifestyle in the Internet Era

Chapter VI Ways of Expression in the Internet Era

Chapter VII Cyber Onlookers and Internet Public Opinion

Chapter VIII Digital Divide and Digitalized Poverty Alleviation


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