The Period of Deng Xiaoping’s Reformation


2022-02-24 12:00

Wu Guoyou


Title: The Period of Deng Xiaopings Reformation

Author: Wu Guoyou

ISBN: 9787119094656

Press: Foreign Languages Press



Chapter1 Solid Steps


2No to“Two Whatevers”

3Address the Speech of the“Declaration of the Era'’ and Redress Individual Injustices

Chapter2 The Grand Prospect of Reform

1Reform Is the Second Revolution in China

2The Reform First Appeared in the Rural Areas

3Shift the Focus of Reform from the Country side to the Cities

4Three-step Strategy to Achieve Modernization and Socialist Market Economy

5Reform on the Leadership System of the Party and the State

Chapter3 Reform and Opening Up to the Outside World

1China Cannot Develop Itself in Isolation from the World

2Establish Special Economic Zones“Fight Our Way Out”

3Personal Visit to the Special Economic Zones

Chapter4 The Great Ambition

1Establish a Well-off Society

2The Scientific Conception of “One CountryTwo Systems”

3Peaceful Foreign Diplomacy

4Fewer But Better Troops with Chinese Characteristics

Chapter5 One of the Biggest Achievements

1Semi-retirement and Full-retirement

2A Smooth SuccessionEstablishing the Third Generation of the Chinese Leadership

3Be Concerned with the Worldwith the country

4I Must Applause This Report

Chapter6 “Declaration”of the South China Trip

1Sincerity and Hope

2“You Must Speed Up”

3The Special Economic Zones Are Socialism Not Capitalism

4Leap Forward If We Can

5A Higher Starting Point

6A New Way of Thinking for Reform and Opening Up

Chapter7 The Great Man of the Twentieth Century

1The Life of an Ordinary Civilian

2Historical EntrustmentSelected Works of Deng Xiaoping

3All Belongs to the Nation and the People

4Say It AgainHello Xiaoping

5The Great Man Passed Away and the World Mourned



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