China Manifested in Trees


2022-03-10 12:00

Liang Heng


Title: China Manifested in Trees

Author: Liang Heng

ISBN: 9787119114972

Press: Foreign Languages Press



Going to Yunnan in Winter to Enjoy "Seascape"

Cries of Apes on Bawang Ridge

Stories of Xiang Yu Told by a Phoenix Tree and Pagoda Tree in Autumn Breeze

Four Cypress Trees of Wuxian

The Great WaU and a Tamarisk Tree

Ancient Pagoda Tree of Qili Village

A Cypress Tree That Resembles the Map of China

A Pagoda Tree in an Iron Wok

Willow of Lord Zuo Brings Green Cloud to the Northwest

Banyan of Lord Shen:Overlooking the Sea for 150 Years

Ode to Wintersweet Planted by Premier Zhou Enlai

An Old Camphor Tree Holding a Bomb

An Old Pine in Mt. Yanshan

Java Bishopwood Tree Once Injured

Trees Dying Young and Related Stories

Unforgettable Wild Oleaster

A Century-Old WiUow Survived of an Earthquake

The Last Piece of Primeval Forest

Jujube King in China

Wang Xiaoying & Mongolian Pine

A Nursing Home for Old Trees Here

Old Ginkgo Tree Resembling an Ornamental Column


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