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Sichuan University launches the "Innovation 2035" five pilot program


2021-02-02 11:56



The kick-off meeting of Sichuan University's "Innovation 2035" pilot program was held recently. The five major plans launched this time include“the Plan for Material Structure  Transparency, the  Plan for Future Medical Harbor, the  Plan for Air-land Integration and Ecological Evolution, the Plan for Information Software and Underlying Algorithms, and the Plan for Civilization Mutual Learning and Global Governance, which is aimed to deeply study and implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, conform to the trend of global science and technology development and give full play to the comprehensive advantages of multiple disciplines facing major national strategic needs.

Combining regional characteristics and focusing on material and energy, life and health, ecology and environment, information and software, civilization and governance, the five pilot programs of “Innovation 2035” were the first to be launched in the development of the “14th Five-Year Plan. Based on major scientific issues and breakthroughs in key core technologies, they plan to build high-level innovation platforms and large-scale scientific installations, connect with major national plan and the major opportunity of Chengdu-Chongqing building a technological innovation highland, promote the cross-discipline integration and the innovative development of discipline clusters,produce a batch of "from 0 to 1" original results, and promote the school's superior disciplines to enter the forefront of the world, in order to contribute Sichuan Universitys power in Chinas building of a powerful country in science and technology. Many academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering and distinguished professors from Sichuan University are invited as the chief scientists of the pilot program.

At the meeting, leaders from relative departments, experts and scholares said that Sichuan University took the lead in launching the "Innovation 2035" pilot program in the country. It is not only a vivid practice of the national innovation-driven strategy and the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing dual-city economic circle, but also the first trial and exploration of seizing opportunities to build a high-level innovation platform, focusing on major scientific issues and making original innovations and key core technologies.This will surely lead the development of regional technological innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading, and contribute to the building of a powerful country in science and technology.Provincial and municipal departments will provide strong support in core technology research, innovation platform creation, scientific and technological talent introduction and cultivation, achievement transfer and transformation, and scientific and technological exchange and cooperation.

On behalf of Sichuan University,Wang Jianguo,Secretary of the Committee of Sichuan University of CPC and Li Yanrong, President of Sichuan University, presented letters of appointment to Academician Zhang Xingdong, the chief scientist, Academician Wei Yuquan, Academician Shi Bi, Academician Li Anmin, Distinguished Professor Cao Shunqing, and Distinguished Professor Huo Wei.

Li Yanrong made a speech on behalf of the school and Secretary Wang Jianguo. His speech focused on three aspects: "Why Sichuan University launches the ‘Innovation 2035’pilot plan", "how to do it well" and "whats the effect of this plan".

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