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The 12th China Integrity Forum Held in Hangzhou


2019-11-12 08:32

Sun Meijuan


The 12th China Integrity Forum was held in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Wang Jingqing, the vice-president of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, CASS, Zhu Guoxian, the minister of Zhejiang Provincial Committee Publicity Department, and Yu Shiyu, the secretary of the CPC of Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. The leaders of Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences and CASS held the opening and closing ceremonies, and summarized the forum respectively.

Over 150 government officials, experts and scholars from 60 national discipline inspection institutions, social science research institutions, universities and Party schools gathered together for thoroughly discussing and exploring historical process of building a clean government in China, main achievements and experience.

The Theme is Honest & Upright China Construction, and 10 outstanding papers award are selected at the end of the forum, including Corrupt Network from the Perspective of Social Capital: Theoretical Framework and Empirical Analysis, by Research Assistant Zhou Dong of Politics Research Institute, Director Liao Chongxu of Office of Academic Research, Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences. 



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