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The He Xiangyong Local Novels Writing Road Seminar Held in Quxian


2019-11-08 08:04



On October 28th, The He Xiangyong Local Novels Writing Road Seminar, hosted by the “Chinese Writers” magazine, Sichuan Writers Association, and Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences and  organized by Quxian County Committee of CPC and Quxian People’s Government, was held in Quxian which is He Xiangyong’s hometown. More than 20 experts and scholars such as Wang Chunlin, He Zhongming and Zhang Qingning have conducted in-depth discussions on the artistic characteristics and ideological values of He Xiangyu's local novels.

He Xiangyu is a member of Pingxi Township, Quxian County, a member of the Chinese Writers Association. He is one of the most powerful local literature writers in Sichuan literature after Zhou Keqin. He is known as “Contemporary Zhao Shuli”. So far, 24 novels, 4 medium and short stories, 3 essays in prose and 3 documentary literature have been published, 10 million words in total. The writing of  "Country Records" series novels lasted for 10 years. With 10 volumes and more than 3 million words, it reproduces the 70 years’ rural history after the founding of the People's Republic of China, especially the 40 years’ rural history after the reform and opening up, which has become a unique masterpiece and a rural epic in modern and contemporary Chinese literature history.Inviting social science experts, literary and art experts to come to Quxian and holding a local literature seminar, is not only a great review of the history of the creation experience and achievements of the local novels, but also a deep theoretical study of the creation of the entire local literature. It has important inspiration and guiding significance for the creation of local literature in the future and will guide and encourage the local writers to produce more and better works, and greatly promote the development and prosperity of local literature.

Xiang Baoyun, president of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, said that He Xiangyong’s persistence and determination on the road of local novel creation is very difficult. His local novels have a very high creative meaning, ideological value and aesthetic value, which can be said to be a model of local literature narration. In the process of urbanization, in the context of the loss of local culture, it is difficult for writers to completely obtain a traditional rural experience. He Xiangyu has long been rooted in Quxian and the grass root, and wrote a series of novels of "Country Records", which is why the works exude a charming light.

Other experts and scholars believe that He Xiangyu always insists on standing with the peasants. His novels reproduce the rural history of the Republic for more than half a century, especially the rural history after 30 years of reform and opening up, and faithfully record the psychological and emotional turbulence of peasants in historical changes. The language is lively and vivid, with a sense of humor. It is of great practical significance for carrying forward the excellent traditional culture, conserving the aesthetics of the contemporary nation and enhancing the confidence of the national culture.



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