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The Forum on Hakka Cultural Inheritance and Local Chronicle Cultural Communication held in Chengdu


2019-09-06 08:52



From August 31st to September 1st , 2019, the Forum on Hakka Cultural Inheritance and Local Chronicle Cultural Communication was held in Luodai Town, Chengdu, known as "the first town of Hakka in Western China". The forum was directed by Sichuan Local Chronicles Office, Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences and Sichuan Federation of Social Sciences, sponsored by Sichuan Institute of History, Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, and representatives from the  various Hakka associations, leaders of local cities, districts and counties, and experts and scholars of Hakka studies attended the forum.


Tao Lihui, deputy director of Sichuan Local Chronicles Office, and Yongfeng, leader of Luodai Town, delivered speeches in the opening ceremony. Chen Shisong, editor-in-chief and chief expert of Sichuan Hakka Chronicle, gave a keynote speech on "Composing the Flourishing Age of Hakka History in Sichuan in the New Era", Ma Xiaobin, CPPCC of Sichuan Province delivered the speech “spreading and Utilization of Local Chronicle Culture", Qiu Changtai, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, Yuanzhi University of Taiwan, gave the speech named “The Hakka Community Construction Project of Travel Integration”. Wen Tao of Yibin History Society gave the speech “on Hakka History and Culture in South Sichuan in Field Survey.”


Professor Chen Shisong explained the background, significance and preliminary outline of the compilation of Sichuan Hakka Chronicle. Sichuan is one of the five major Hakka-inhabited provinces in China and the largest Hakka-inhabited area in the west. There is an urgent need to compile a scientific, systematic, historical and normative encyclopedic Hakka Chronicle of Sichuan. In the past 20 years, the research on Sichuan Hakka has made great progress. By compiling the Hakka Chronicle of Sichuan, it is not only a periodic summary of the research on Sichuan Hakka in the past 20 years, but also fills in the gaps in the exploration of Hakka cultural resources in Sichuan local chronicles. A solid foundation will be laid for further development of Hakka research in the future.


Chen Shisong said that it is a glorious mission entrusted to us by history to compose the flourishing chapter of Hakka history in Sichuan in the new era. We must seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, base ourselves on academia, combine reality, make full use of the historical opportunity of compiling Sichuan Hakka Chronicle, and strive to push the field investigation and academic research for Sichuan Hakka cultural resources to a new stage.




Translated by wengjun


2019-09-06 04:51
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