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Research Center on Sanxingdui Culture and Bronze Civilization Established


2022-03-30 08:26

Shi Weidan
Sichuan Academy of Social Scienc


CHENGDU, March 19th--Research Center on Sanxingdui Culture and Bronze Civilization was established in Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, SASS.

Gao Zhongwei, vice minister of Publicity Ministry of Sichuan Provincial committee of CPC, and Party Secretary of SASS, Jiang Yi, Party Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Federation of Social Sciences, Wang Yi, deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Wang Chuan, vice President of Sichuan Normal University, etc. attended the meeting.

This meeting was hosted by President Xiang Baoyun, and Notice of the Committee of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences on the Establishment of Sanxingdui Culture and Bronze Civilization Research Center was declared by Li Zhongfeng, vice president of the SASS.

Translated by Lena.


2022-03-30 04:27
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