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The Seminar on Dayu Culture and the Construction of Tianfu Tourism Famous Counties held in Wenchuan


2019-07-12 06:58



On July 8th, 2019, the "Seminar on Dayu Culture and the Construction of Tianfu Tourism Famous Counties" was held in Wenchuan County, one of the series of activities of the Dayu Cultural Tourism Festival and the Dayu Birthday Celebration in Wenchuan, China. Dozens of experts and scholars from all over the country were invited to attend the seminar to discuss Dayu's birthplace, Dayu's water harnessing project, Dayu and ancient civilization, and to make suggestions for the integration of "Dayu Hometown" and "Tianfu Tourism County".


The seminar was co-sponsored by Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, Aba Prefecture People's Government, Chinese Pre-Qin History Society, Dayu Research Center and Aba Dayu Cultural Research Association. Professor Xiang Baoyun, President of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, and other leaders attended the seminar.


Zhang Tongrong, Secretary of the Wenchuan County’s Committee of the Communist Party of China, said that Wenchuan is a place where the ethnic cultures of Northwest Sichuan and an important place to inherit the ancient tea-horse road, a place where the "three living fossils" coexist and prosper together, and the birthplace of river’s civilization. From ancient Qiang people to today's home of all nationalities, they guard Dayu's home for four thousand years. Dayu spirit is the cultural treasure for the whole nation and the spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation. Dayu culture has an important value in Wenchuan. Wenchuan should take on the historical responsibility and responsibility for protecting and developing the spiritual homeland in China, which carries forward the spirit of Dayu with the firm belief of the Chinese people that no difficulty can overwhelm the hero. In Wenchuan, there is the light of Dayu's spiritual homeland, and the light of ecological civilization is marked by giant panda culture, Dayu's hometown and the light of Dayu's spiritual home.


Experts and scholars discussed Dayu Culture and the construction of Tianfu Tourism County, and made keynote speeches.


Whether Dayu's water harnessing really happened and where Dayu was born has been a controversial topic in academic circles. With the publication of archaeological and research findings, the authenticity of Dayu's water harnessing and the fact that Dayu was born in Wenchuan, have been recognized by more and more scholars. At the seminar, many experts believed that the disappearance of the ancient barrier lake in the upper reaches of Minjiang River during the Dayu period was a strong evidence for Dayu's water harnessing.


Xu Xueshu, a researcher of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, while demonstrating that Wenchuan is the origin of Dayu's water control, proposes to build a "Dayu Water Control Monument" in Wenchuan, establish a deep relationship between "Dayu Water Control" and "Dayu Hometown", and rebuild a cultural and tourist landmark for Wenchuan.


Wang Mingjun, a scholar in Wenchuan County, cited the palaeogeological research achievements from Wang Lansheng and other researchers to prove the correlation between Dayu water control and ancient barrier lake.


Tang Ke, director of the Beijing Silk Road Institute of Culture and History, said: "The cultural symbol of Dayu not only represents the great man who was born more than 4,000 years ago, but also the heroes who saved people from floods and fires, overcame natural disasters and led people to rebuild their homes on the ruins in that era.


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