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The 6th China-Russia Economic Cooperation High-Level Think Tank Forum Held in Harbin


2019-06-27 03:24

On June 14, The 6th China-Russia Economic Cooperation High-Level Think Tank Forum was held in Harbin. The forum was hosted by People's Government of Heilongjiang Province and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and organized by Heilongjiang Academy of Social Sciences. A total of 150 people attended the event, including officials from Chinese and Russian government, experts and scholars, and representatives from business circle.

2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Russia. Under the background of China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination entering a new era, the forum is based on the theme of “New Goals, New Opportunities, New Platforms and New leap”. It deeply integrated into “The Belt and Roadinitiative, effectively jointed in the construction of “China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor” and actively promote the in-depth development of China-Russia local cooperation in order to provide strong intellectual support for accelerating the construction of a new pattern of all-round opening up in Heilongjiang Province with a focus on opening up to Russia. In the keynote speeches and the two round-table sub-forums, the experts and scholars at the conference conducted in-depth exchange on China-Russia mechanical and electronic cooperation, cooperation in the chemical industry, Internet, e-commerce and the cooperation mechanism of the Russian Far-East development and the Northeast China revitalization, and the construction of key port groups along the border between China and Russia. a broad consensus has been reached on the construction of “The Belt and Road”initiative and local cooperation and exchanges, and many countermeasures with important insights and reference values have been put forward.

Zheng Taian, deputy president of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, and Zheng Wenrui, deputy director of the Institute of Law of SASS, attended the meeting. Zheng Taian made a speech on the theme of “Three Thoughts on Building a High-end Think Tank”. He pointed out that in order to build high-end think tanks, it is necessary to open up the nodes between think tanks, nodes between think tanks and other departments and international and domestic nodes, and master the methodology of high-end think tank construction; it is necessary to build three types of thinking, that is, system, regularity and innovation, in which system is the foundation, innovation is the soul and regularity is the purpose and attach importance to the subjectivity theory of the construction of high-end think tanks.



2019-06-27 11:24
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