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The First Round Table Forum on Anthropological Ethnology and Frontier Ethnic History was held in Sichuan Normal University


2019-04-19 05:30



On April 15th, 2019, the First Round Table Forum on Anthropological Ethnology and Frontier Ethnic History was held in Sichuan Normal University. The forum was co-sponsored by College of History, Culture and Tourism and Journal of Sichuan Normal University. More than 20 scholars from the Central University for Nationalities, Guangxi University for Nationalities, Hunan University, Southwest University for Nationalities, Shandong University and Sichuan University participated in the forum.


Professor Wang Hongliang, College of History, Culture and Tourism, introduced the origin and arrangement of hosting the forum. He pointed out that Sichuan Normal University has an academic tradition of frontier ethnic studies. In the 1940s, the West China Ba frontier scholars including Mr. Li Anzhai were one part of the most important frontier academic communities in China at that time. In the early 1960s, Li Anzhai and his wife Yu Shiyu came to work in the university. Their academic works, thoughts and spirit have left a valuable academic tradition. The study of the history of frontier ethnic groups has become a distinctive feature of the history of China, establishing the academic platform of the West China Frontier Research Institute in Sichuan Normal University and the academic edition of the West China Frontier Review, which has formed a strong teaching and research team for the history of frontier ethnic groups.


During the keynote speech, Professor Wang Jianmin systematically combed the development of anthropological ethnology and its application in China's frontier research field and introduced relevant scholars and their academic research results, and he made a thorough analysis of the problems in the current frontier research and put forward that we should go beyond the single ethnic research and the single disciplinary research further. He believes that the study of China's frontier has undergone a transformation from imperial domination to the establishment of frontier's position in the framework of nation-state and world system, from the study of public opinion to the study for history and the geography study of the Frontier cultural groups, and from books to realistic scenes to the social practice.


At the round table stage, nine scholars reported their own research results, which attracted the attention of the participants. Professor Sun Yong, the Institute of Advanced Research of Sichuan Normal University, introduced the problems of multi-disciplinary orientation in the construction of frontier discipline in China and reported  the academic initiative of interdisciplinary construction for frontier science. Professor Yucheng of Sichuan Tourism College introduced "the Third Frontier Theory" by American scholar Moore. Zhang Xiaochuan, an associate professor of Hunan University, reported on some long-standing mistakes in the two anthropological translations in the early 20th century. Tang Yun, a researcher in Southwest Institute of Nationalities, Southwest University for Nationalities, interpreted the conception and academic practice of Miao ethnic in the early 20th century, vividly showing the affinity between anthropological ethnology and the study of ethnic history in China's border areas.

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