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The Think Tank Alliance for China Free Trade Pilot Area jointly established in Hainan


2019-04-12 06:28



On April 9th, 2019, under the guidance of the Ministry of Publicity of the Hainan Provincial Committee of the CPC, the Think Tank Alliance for China Free Trade Pilot Area was jointly established in Hainan by Hainan Academy of Social Sciences allied with the social science institutions from the other 11 provinces. According to reports, the nearly 50 members of China Free Trade Think Tank Alliance jointly negotiated and issued the "Boao Declaration of China Free Trade Pilot Area Think Tank Alliance" in the first Free Trade Think Tank Forum. Meng Xiaoling, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Hainan Provincial Committee, attended the meeting to unveil and address to the alliance.


More than 200 experts and scholars from the social sciences and universities in their respective trade zones focused on the theme of "actively exploring the path and system innovation of the construction of China's free trade zone”, with the topics including the system and policy innovation of FTA, construction of FTA and open economic development, comparison and reference of FTA construction to discuss, and 114 papers were received.


Around the forum theme, 8 experts delivered keynote speeches, 20 scholars exchanged research results around 3 topics, who put forward many constructive and enlightening suggestions on the construction of the free trade area respectively, on the development of free trade port with Chinese Characteristics, the "Belt and Road" initiative and the FTA pilot area, and the Free Trade Experimental Zone Promoting High-quality Development for Yangtze River Economic Zone and Exploring Experiences in the Construction of Free Trade Zones in Tianjin, Sichuan and Chongqing.


Delegates highly affirmed that the Hainan Academy of Social Sciences initiated the establishment of China Free Trade Think Tank Alliance and held the first forum for the Free Trade Think Tank Alliance. As a bridge link between 12 free trade zones, the China Free Trade Think Tank Alliance can give full play to the advantages of cross-provinces and cross-disciplinary, integrate resources of all parties, and realize resource sharing, information sharing and results sharing. All delegates agreed that the China Free Trade Think Tank Forum as a platform for gathering wisdom and consensus, give full play to the role of think tank achievements in consultation and education, and provide theoretical and intellectual support for China's implementation of the strategy of the Free Trade Pilot Area.


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