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The seminar on Research and Collation for historical data on the Third-line Construction held in Sichuan University


2019-01-18 05:47




Recently, an academic seminar on the major research project of philosophy and social sciences from the Ministry of Education, " the Research, Collection, collation and for historical data on the Third-line Construction" was held in Sichuan University. Professor Chen Donglin of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Professor Zheng Yougui, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Mr. Wang Chuncai, former Director of the Adjustment Office of the Third-Line Construction, Mr. Ning Zhiyi, theVice-President of the Sichuan History Society of the CPC, Professor Lu Jianchang, Director of the Third-Line Construction Research Center of Shanghai University, Professor Li Shizhong of East China Normal University and more than 70 experts, scholars, and media workers from various universities, research institutes attended the seminar and discussed the research issues about the history on third-line construction.


The seminar contained the four stages. Professor Huo Wei, Dean of the School of History and Culture of Sichuan University, and Jiang Hongying, deputy director of the History Research Department of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, delivered speeches successively. They highly appraised the chief experts on the subject and the historical research on the Third-line Construction and placed great expectations on the final results of the history discipline of the People's Republic of China in Sichuan University. The second stage is presided by Zheng Yougui of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Professor Li Deying gives the opening report. Professor Li Deying demonstrated and explained the existing situation of the Third-line Construction research, the issues on the topic, and the difficulties of the project. Subsequently, the experts group fully affirmed the feasibility and research value for the opening report and put forward many constructive suggestions on the difficulties. The third stage is the academic seminar on the collection, collation and research of historical data for the third-line construction. The 20 papers on the Third-line Construction submitted by the participants were discussed. The papers highlighted the academic depth and interdisciplinary characteristics of the construction. In the fourth stage, the seminar held round-table discussions, and the participants made in-depth discussions on the definition and the essence of the local society and the spirit of the Third-line Construction

The research period would be planed for three years, and a series of papers, investigation reports, data compilation and academic monographs will be formed.



Translated by weng jun


2019-01-18 01:49
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