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The China Urban Forum 2018 was held in Chengdu


2019-01-11 04:48



On December 27th, 2018, the "China Urban Forum 2018" was held in Chengdu with the theme of "High-quality urban development". The forum was co-sponsored by the Chinese Urban Economics Society and the Institute of Urban Development and Environment of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It was sponsored by the Chengdu Academy of Social Sciences, the Journal of Economic Research, the Journal of Economic Dynamics and the Journal of Urban and Environmental Research, Chinese Journal of Urban and Environmental Studies, and supported by Chengdu Jinsha Think Tank Research Association. The forum is divided into three stages: keynote speeches, round-table discussions and sub-forums.


During the keynote speech, Professor Tian Xueyuan, the Academy of Social Sciences of China, Xiao Jincheng, researcher of the National Development and Reform Commission, Zhu Dajian, professor of Tongji University, Ding Chengri, professor in the University of Maryland, Zhang Daogen, researcher of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, and Wang Tong, president of the China Development Research Institute, made keynote speeches respectively.


In the speech entitled "Urbanization and High-quality Development", Professor Tian Xueyuan said that there are still downward pressures in the economy, including the urban economy. We should integrate urbanization and urban economy into the overall national economy, promote reform with problem-oriented and "prosperity" as the driving force, and change the supply-side reform, development mode reform, population policy reform and capital saving. Starting from the reform for source protection environment and foreign trade system, we should change the mode of urbanization and take the road for high-quality urbanization.


Xiao Jincheng's speech is "Exploration of Building a Modernized Regional Development System". He shared the strategic ideas of regional cities and their patterns with the participants from four aspects: coordinated development of regions, development for clusters and districts, development led by the integration for urban and rural areas.


Zhu Dajian took "2035: Four Decoupling of China's Green City Development" as the topic, and shared his own views on "How to Combine High Quality Development with Green Development". Ding Chengri took "Selection Effect and Enterprise Benefit" as the topic, and through the empirical analysis in city selection, it was concluded that empirical research supported selection theory and domestic market integration, in order to improve labor productivity, Zhang Daogen's speech was entitled "Promoting urbanization in depth with the spirit of reform and innovation". He proposed that we should intensify reform and opening-up to further promote urbanization.


The keynote speech was followed by a round table forum. Wang Panyan, Vice President of China Academy of Urban Construction, Yang Jun, President of Shanxi Normal University, Jiang Manqi, Professor of Nankai University, Ding Xiaoyan, Vice President of Jilin Academy of Social Sciences, and Wang Yali, Professor of Northeast University of Finance and Economics, discussed the connotation for high quality and how to achieve high-quality urban development.


In addition to the main forum, the forum also set up five sub-forums, namely "Smart City Forum", "Urban Economic Development Forum for High Quality", "Urban Sustainable Development Forum", "Park City Forum", "Youth Scholars Forum".

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