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The 7th Sino-India Forum Successfully Held


2018-12-29 02:11

On Dec. 10th, 2018, the 7th Sino-India Forum was held in Indian Institutes of Management, with the theme of Economical, Social and Cultural Perspective between China and India. Guo Xiaoming, the researcher of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, SASS, with his delegation attended this conference.


On the opening ceremony, Guo delivered a speech, Both China and India are ancient civilizations with long histories and splendid cultures, as well as are the two largest developing countries in the world; the exchanges between the two countries have a long history, apart from in-depth cooperation in political and economic fields, the two sides also have broad space for cooperation in cultural and social exchanges. India is an indispensable and important partner to jointly build The Belt and Road, for its  largest country in South Asia and an important country on the ancient silk road, and also represents countries with large populations and emerging markets, said he, I hope scholars from both sides can actively explore various possibilities of cooperation in economic, social and cultural fields to promote common development of the two countries. 


The conference was divided three parts: economics & finance, society & culture, and investment & trade. Experts and scholars from China and India explained their academic views in English, gave wonderful academic reports on their respective research fields, and had a full exchange and heated discussion on the topic of forum.

Besides, Guo went into depth on the expansion of academic ties and exchange visits of both sides with presidents of three campuses of Indian Institutes of Management, its believed that academic exchanges should be further transferred to academic cooperation, and the idea of deepening cooperation was put forward.

Following the experts deliberation, Cao Ying, the secretary general of Earthquake Disaster Research Center, SASS won the best paper award, and was highly appraised by Indian scholars.

This forum fully reflected the academic style of experts and scholars from both countries, broadened the international vision, and laid a solid foundation for academic exchange and project cooperation between the two institutions.



2018-12-29 10:14
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