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The 10th Southwest Forum for Ethnic Studies of China Held in Guizhou Province


2017-06-30 12:00



The 10th Southwest Forum for Ethnic Studies of China was held in Kaili City, Guizhou Province, which attracted a range of over 160 experts and scholars from CASS, Peking University, Sichuan University, and Southwest University for Nationalities, etc, June 18th to 19th, 2017.
The theme is Ethnic Blending &Cultural Change &National Identity with seven issues including Ethnic Contact & Exchange & Blending and the Construction of Chinese National Community, National Cultural Development and National Identity, Ethnic Blending and the Development of Southwest Region, Population Mobility, Social Development and Ecological Change, the Development of River, Mountain and Region, Southwest Gallery and Ethnic Corridor, the Vision, Theory and Method of Ethnic Studies.
Zhao Xinyu, the former president of Southwest University for Nationalities introduced the history and achievements of the forum; for it’s a great party in academic circles, he proposed more mutual discussion and in-depth communication around the theme. As a Southwest hinterland in China, Guizhou is an important area to build the southern Silk Road Economic Belt, and it plays an important role in the construction of southwest international corridor, the study on the role of Guizhou in the construction of “One Belt and One Road” international corridor should be strengthened, said Wu Dahua, the president of Guizhou Academy of Social Sciences.
Liu Zhengyin, the executive deputy editor of Ethno-National Studies introduced the three features of this forum; the first is multi-discipline participation and broad academic horizon, the second is prominent theme and in-depth discussion, and the third is compact and informative content.
According to introducing, the Southwest Forum for Ethnic Studies of China is an academic exchange platform with the support of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, CASS and Southwest University for Nationalities. Ten sessions have been held so far since 2007, which have received active support from experts and scholars, and have made an important contribution to Chinese national research.


2017-06-30 11:19
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