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The Eighth Sinicization of Marxism Academic Forum Held in Nanchong


2017-06-22 12:00


The Eighth Sinicization of Marxism Academic Forum, organized by Marxism Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and China West Normal University, was held in Nanchong, Sichuan. More than 160 experts and scholars got together to have a discussion on “CPC’s Theoretical Innovation Since Reform and Opening-up.

  Deng Chundong, Dean and Secretary of Marxism Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, emphasized the importance of theoretical innovation and summarized the current theoretical innovation points of our country according to China’s successful practice. He pointed out that academic circle, especially scholars in Marxism research field, should learn the newest fruit of Sinicization of Marxism and use CPC’s scientific theories to arm brains, instruct practice and promote work.

In the experts speaking stage, they focused on the theme of “CPC’s Theoretical Innovation Since Reform and Opening-up” and Marxism theoretical innovation and carried out in-depth discussion on “Transforming Development Concept, Innovating Development Thought”, “Reform and Opening-up Process and Strengthening Cultural Confidence”, “One Theoretical basis and Five Policy Orientations of Sharing Development”, “Dilemma and Way Out of Scholars in Theoretical Innovation”, etc.

Scholars were divided into four groups to have group discussion. In the closing ceremony, representatives of the four groups made group summarization.

Scholars attending this seminar come from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University, Wuhan University, AnHui Academy of Social Sciences, Chongqing University, etc.

Scholars held that CPC has always insisted on combining the basic principle of Marxism and Chinese reality for 96 years since CPC was founded. It constantly promotes theoretical innovation in the process of practical innovation and the sinicization, modernization and popularization of Marxism which has directed a right way for Chinese revolution, construction and reform and changed the outlook of China and the destiny of Chinese nation. Sinicization of Marxism is a project of great practical significance and theoretical significance. It covers abundant content and numerous fields, so the relevant research work should be carried out from different disciplines and angles



2017-06-22 10:58
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