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Journal of Southwest University for Nationalities

(Humanities and Social Sciences Edition)


2014-12-30 12:00

Journal of Southwest University for Nationalities (Humanities and Social Sciences Edition) was founded in July 1979, with its original name of Journal of Southwest College for Nationalities (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition), and it turned to use the current name in 2003. In 2000, from a bi-monthly magazine, the Journal became the monthly one, with its publication on the 10th day of each month.

As one of comprehensive large-scale academic journals, under the administration by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, the Journal is organized by Southwest University for Nationalities, with its study scope involving ethnology, anthropology, philosophy, religion, law, economics, management, literature, news media, history, politics, education and other disciplines. Over the years, the Journal always pays attention to exert its own geographical and academic advantages. While adhering to the Party's principle of cultural diversity and contending thoughts, the Journal sets up its mission: inheriting academic traditions and promoting academic spirits of Chinese ethnic studies; emphasizing the academic theme and creating a new situation for ethnic studies in Southwest China. Undertaking the promotion of disciplinary construction and academic exchanges, academic development and prosperity and the pursuit of academic innovation as its tasks, the Journal adheres to the progress orientation of “building a quality team, creating outstanding columns and making the fine periodical”. We focus on “quality for emergence and features for strengthening the journal”, defending academic integrity and promoting academic criticism; and through concerning the academic frontline and enhancing academic discussions, we are striving for the maximization of the Journal’s social function to push forward the socio-political, economic and cultural development and prosperity in the national minority areas, especially in the West China.

Since the beginning of 21th century, the Journal advances ahead with more efforts for innovations, and thus has achieved good results. Especially in recent years, there has been gradual increase yearly in the reprint volume of articles published originally in the Journal by such important abstract journals as Xinhua Digest, China Social Science Digest, Replicated Journals of Renmin University of China, Liberal Arts Colleges Academic Abstracts, etc., with the corresponding ranking the No.1 among China’s colleges for nationalities. In particular, according to the full-page reprint rankings by Replicated Journals of Renmin University of China, the Journal has remained about top 20 among the national liberal arts colleges, excelling over mostly the other national institutions in China as well as such colleges in Sichuan province.

Currently, the Journal has been simultaneously included into source journals of Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI), National Chinese core journals,  core journals of Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences and Chinese Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, RCCSE Chinese core academic journal, important reproduction source journals of Replicated Journals of Renmin University of China and so forth, thus having become one of the few important academic journals with such titles at the same time. Moreover, since 2009, the Journal’s CASS ranking has stayed for consecutive years on the second place among academic journals for ethnology and cultural studies, rightly after the CASS magazine i.e. Ethno-National Studies. At the same time, the Journal also was successively awarded the choice social science journals among national colleges, the famous magazine in National Minority Areas, quality periodical of Sichuan Journals of Social Sciences and other honors.

After years of hard work, the Journal has not only dedicated concrete contribution to the overall economic and social development in ethnic minority areas, but also discovered and helped new academic stars. The Journal has been really build into an incubator platform for science and research talents in the West minority nationality regions, along with the expansion and consolidation of its unique academic status and influence in both academia and the periodicals circle. At present, the Journal already has a high academic reputation and influence across academic circles both at home and abroad, especially in the field of ethnology and anthropology. According to many experts, Journal of Southwest University for Nationalities is “one fairly representative” among China’s academic journals on ethnology and anthropology, and therefore known as “a wonderful flower of ethnic academic magazines”.


2014-12-30 09:50