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2014-12-30 12:00

As one comprehensive social science magazine, Tian Fu New Idea is administrated and organized by Sichuan Provincial Federation of Social Sciences. Since its founding in 1985, with new ideas, new methods, new materials as the theme, the Journal insists the concept of “choice quality for each issue, with each article readable” and, by its informative contents, innovative views, strong readability and large quantity of data, it has influence in the publication industry. The Journal is one of first-class periodicals in Sichuan Province, also one of core journals in Chinese humanities and social sciences. The Journal used to win a China Outstanding Journal Award, and was full-text collected by China Journal Net Database.

Adhering to the orientation of “For people, For socialism” and the policy of “Freedom of all arts”, Tian Fu New Idea encourages the view of innovation and, with the purpose for prosperity and development of social sciences, it is committed to creating such platforms for study result launch, academic resource exchange and inter-provincial academic achievement exchange for important research projects under social science funds at both national and provincial levels in Sichuan Province. Tian Fu New Idea publishes social science study papers, book reviews, argument summaries, covering such areas as domestic and international economies, politics, law, sociology, philosophy, culture, literature, history, science education, etc. And this magazine is one important window for understanding of new ideas, new arguments, new achievements and new trends in social science academia both at home and abroad. Main features of the Journal include academy, innovation, exploration and comprehensiveness. Main columns: Philosophical Studies, Economic Theory Research, Macroeconomic Issues, Regional Economic Research, Exploration and Views, Scientific Socialism Research, Public Management Research, Legal Studies, Sociology Research, Cultural Studies, Historical Research, Literature Studies, Educational Theory and Practice and so forth.

English title: Tian Fu New Idea (Bimonthly)

Organization institution: Sichuan Provincial Federation of Social Sciences

Publication place: Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

Language(s): Chinese

Post office subscription code: 62-248

Civil periodical number: 51-1035/C

ISSN: 1004-0633


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