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Founded in 1957, as one of the then few economic theory publications, Finance & Economics is sponsored, edited and published by Southwestern University of Finance and Economics under the Ministry of Education, with its issuance to domestic and overseas readers. For more than half a century, owing to the care and love by both veteran economists and the new generation of young scholars, the Journal has been included in the national economic core journals, and named consecutively for four times as Top 100 National Social Science Journals as well as rated continuously as one of source journals for Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI) by Nanjing University. Many high-level papers published in the Journal are reprinted in various forms by Xinhua Digest, China Social Science Digest, Replicated Journals of Renmin University of China and Liberal Arts Colleges Academic Abstracts, as well as with a high reprint rate for long term. The Journal not only enjoys a high reputation in China’s academic circles, with the receipt of widespread attention, but also is distributed to the United States, Germany, Britain, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and China’s Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, thereby having certain international impact.


Running with such idea of truth-seeking the orientation, innovation the first, the Journal holds goals for becoming “first-class in Western China, well-known domestically and noted internationally”.


The Journal strives to integrate theory with practice, so as to make the economic theory research to serve for China’s system innovation on the socialist market economy reform and opening-up. 

The Journal mainly focuses on the studies of finance theories and theoretical economics, with the concurrent consideration of the research on important topics across multiple disciplines such as applied economics, management science, and economics for social issues and so forth, and it also promotes the research on new subjects. 


The Journal is much concerned to both major theories and practical issues in China’s reform of economic system, while taking care to reflect the economic problems in the western region. 


Finance & Economics demands standardized and rigorous research methods, and advocates the innovation in study methods as well as the integration of various disciplines. 


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