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2015-06-15 12:00

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In 1978, The Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the CPC was a prelude to China’s reform of economic system started. As the birthplace of China’s reform, Sichuan Province provided successful experience and mode for China Urban-rural Reform, such as fix farm output quotas for each household, expanding enterprises autonomy, cities comprehensive reform. At that time, media were called for raising its voice and clearing the way for the progress of reform, due to abundant reform practice in urgent need of corresponding theoretical support.

As the first academic journal specialized in the study of China’s economic reform, Reform of Economic System was founded in October 1983, on the initiative of Prof. Lin Ling, who was a prominent Chinese economist. The Journal is led and organized by Sichuan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, with its issuance available worldwide.

As a product of China's reform and opening-up and the witness of such a process, Reform of Economic System has exerting wide social impact at home and abroad since its issuance, with its distribution throughout China and other 57 countries and regions in the world. It’s also listed as a collection of books by many famous libraries, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, such as the American Congress, the Japanese Diet, National Library of Australia, University of London, and Leiden University.

Contributions to bimonthly, Civil periodical number: CN51-1027/F, 

ISSN: ISSN 1006-012X Domestic postal distribution code: 62-169. 

Since its inception, Reform of Economic System has always been unequivocally promoting the academic research and exploration of economic reform, gaining wide readers and author’s long-term attention and support; meanwhile, the Journal constantly enriches the publication content and steadily improves the quality with joint efforts by readers, authors and editors; and the reprint rate has been ranked highest of its kind. Since 1995, the journal belongs to National Chinese Core Journals, core journals of Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences, source periodicals of Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI), core journals of Chinese Economics, as well as an important source journal for Replicated Journals of Renmin University.

On the beginning of Reform of Economic System was issued, it set up such columns as Special Theses, Transform of Government Functions,  Research on Regional Economy, Enterprise Reform and Development, Issues of Agriculture, Farmer and Rural Area, Reform of Financial and Economic System. In order to better track a prospective research and practical exploration for the key issues, hot issues and difficult problems in the progress of China’s reform and development, the journal modifies and adds some sections to adapt to the new reform condition. Currently, its column includes Special Theses, Reform and Development of Regional Economy, Rural Reform and Development, Enterprise Reform and Management, Reform of Taxation and Financial System, Experiences Abroad and Exploration and Free Views. In the 1st issue of 2015, Reform of Economic System adds English titles and abstracts to adapt to the trend of internationalization; moreover, the magazine strictly control the selection, the review, proofreading and printing to strictly comply with relevant regulations and requirements which were made by China National Press &Publishing Bureau and Sichuan Press & Publishing Bureau.

At present, the journal office is composed of 6 editors and managers, including 3 senior title and 3 deputy senior title, who actively participate various training and learning to improve their political qualities and professional abilities. In recent years, the office hosted some campaigns and seminars of reform of economic system, and exchanged with domestic top journals of humanistic and social sciences for expanding external communication, such as China Industrial Economics, Economic Perspectives, and Nankai Business Review. Due to the staff’s solidarity cooperation and joint efforts, Reform of Economic System has obtained some honors and its social influence is continuously growing.

Currently, China's reform has entered a critical stage and a deep water zone. Facing the new international and domestic situationthe Party' Central Committee show its determination and confidence to deepen reform, while the reform of market economy system of socialism with Chinese characteristics is constantly moving towards. In this new historical period, Reform of Economic System still undertakes a major mission of providing China’s reform with theoretical and policy support. In the future, the Journal will continue adhering to the direction of deepening reform, well running good characteristic columns, and create more new sections through constantly adapting to the new situation of reform, so as to better play its part on the support to theoretical innovation and practical exploration.


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