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2015-06-15 12:00

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As a monthly magazine founded in 1983, Rural Economy is under the administration by Sichuan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, and its organizer Sichuan Agricultural Economics Association. Issued both at home and abroad, the magazine is one of National Chinese Core Journals, Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI) source journals, RCCSE Chinese core academic journals as well as an important source journal for Replicated Journals of Renmin University.

Looking towards the future, China's rural economy is undergoing more profound changes while Rural Economy is confronted with new challenges, shouldering new missions in a long run. It is beyond doubt that the Journal cannot realize its new glory through successful performance of callings unless it is able to closely follow the trend of the times for constant innovations. The Journal will continuously make further progress in the construction of a platform for the research and practice exchanges on rural economic reform and development theories under a broader perspective. Also, as always, it will from the viewpoint of exploring major practical issues in the above process. Based on the in-depth reflection of the trend of rural economic development and the extensive delivery of corresponding information, the Journal is dedicated to supplying new research trends for economic theorists, new developing ideas for governments at all levels, and new practice methods for the mass workers in rural economy, so as to build itself into a leading journal on rural economic theory and policy research.

The magazine currently has opened key columns as follows: Expert Viewpoint, Hotspots, Land Issues, Industry Structure Research, New Rural Construction, Coordinated Urban and Rural Development, Regional Economy, Farmers' Income and Consumption, Finance and Banking, Rural Social Security, PhD-MD Forum, Rural Modernization, Sustainable Development of Agriculture, Rural HR Development, Rural Operation and Management, Advice from Others and so forth. With wide coverage and broad range by the above topics, the Journal integrates features such as policy-orientation, academic authority, practical guidance, etc., and thus can fully meet diversified needs of readers and authors in different research fields.




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