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As a comprehensive academic and theoretical periodical in Humanities and Social Sciences, Social Science Research was founded in March 1979, under the guidance and organization by Sichuan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, with its issuance both at home and abroad. The Journal is one periodical with support by the national fund of social science, also belonging to Top 100 National Social Science Journals, source periodicals of Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI) , National Chinese Core Journals as well as Chinese Core Periodicals in Humanities and Social Sciences .The Journal mainly publishes research papers across such areas as economics, political science, law, sociology, philosophy, history, literature, and other emerging cross-disciplinary disciplines.

While applying the "Double-hundred Policy”, Social Science Research advances through continuously combining theory with practice as well as integrating academy with times. Featured by academy, thought and integrity, the Journal maintains deep connections with academic scholars of all ages and has introduced successively high quality academic achievements in various disciplines, with the dedication to studying issue, refining new knowledge, enriching academy and promoting cultures. Social Science Research has authors and readers from all provinces throughout China, while its overseas subscribers cover the UK, Germany, France, the United States, Japan, Vietnam and other countries.

Due to its publication of high quality articles and thus large times of citation and reprint, the Journal has a top ranking by China’s three rating systems for periodicals: In the  annual list of Chinese Social Science Citation index (CSSCI) source periodicals (2014-2015) released by the valuation center for Chinese Social Science Research (at Nanjing University), Social Science Research once again stayed among Top 50 comprehensive social science journals; in the most recent edition (2011) of General Catalogue of Chinese Core Periodicals, which selected 121 magazines from about 500 kinds of comprehensive national social science periodicals (including university journals) as core journals for the very category, the Journal ranked No. 17; and in the most recent edition (2013) of General Catalogue of Core Periodicals in Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences, the Journal was listed No. 23 among the top 116 comprehensive humanities and social sciences journals.

Contributions to bimonthly, published on the 1st day of each odd--numbered month. The journal has16-mo, 212 pages.

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