Zheng He's Voyages Down the Western Seas


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The Information Office of the People’s Government of Fujian Prov


Title: Zheng He’s Voyages Down the Western Seas

Author: The Information Office of the People’s Government of Fujian Province

ISBN: 9787508507088

Press: China Intercontinental Press


Chapter 1 Great Era-Time and backgroundfamily history Zheng He and preparations for ocean-gong adventure 
1.Time and background 
2.Growing in wars 
3.Pre-sail preparations 
Chapter 2 Western Sea Voyages and Friendship-Zheng He going down the western seasconducting exchanges and cooperation 
1.First voyage1405-1407 
2.Second voyage1407-1409 
3.Third voyage1409-1411 
4.Fourth voyage1413-1415 
5.Fifth voyage1417-1419 
6.Sixth voyage1421-1422 
7.Seventh voyage1430-1433 
Chapter 3 Tracing the Routes of Zheng Hes Voyages-Major ports and historical sites 
1.Liujia Port in Taicang-Starging Point of Zheng Hes voyage 
2.Changle Taiping Port 
3.Malacca-Communications hub on the sea 
4.Semarang of Java-A place Zheng He passed in six of his seven voyages 
5.Port of AdenYemen-Junction of EuropeAsia and Africa 
6.Eastern coasts of Africa-The far end of Silk Road on the sea 
Chapter 4 Meritorious Exploits-Contributions by Zheng He to world civilization 
1.Scientific navigation and advanced technologies 
2.Safeguarding peace and sowing the seeds of friendship 
3.Trade and economic development 
4.Ocean-going adventure and vanguard in navigation 
5.Cultural dissemination and exchanges 
6.Zheng He belongs to the world-Displaying the spirit of peace and friendship


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