Chinese Kungfu


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Wang Guangxi


Title: Chinese Kungfu

Author: Wang Guangxi

Translator: Han Huizhi, Wang Wenliang & Kang Lian

ISBN: 9787508513171

Press: China Intercontinental Press


Wushu, the Chinese martial art form known as kungfu in the West, embodies the national traditional culture in martial art form and also reflects the self-defense and health practices of Chinese people. The core philosophy of Wushu is drawn from the Confucius principle of physical and mental integration combined with neutralization; the Taoist principle of dynamic balance; the Buddhist principle of showing cultural syncretism of Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism in China; and the Eastern theory, which believes man is an integral part of nature.

About the Author

Wang Guangxi, whose pen name is Lu Cao, was born in Xixia, Henan province in1941 and died in 2008. He graduated from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Henan University. He had served as a researcher in the Literature Research Institute of Henan Academy of Social Science, a fellow in the Henan Research Institute of Culture and History, standing director of Modern Chinese Literature Research Society.


The Origins of Martial Arts
Principles of Wushu
Schools of Wushu
Shaolinquan Family
Wudangquan Family
Emeiquan Family
Nanquan Family
Taijiquan Family
Xingyiquan Family
Baguaquan Family
Short Weapons
Long Weapons
Hidden Weapons (anqi)
Three Stages of Chinese Wushu Practice
Characteristics of Chinese Wushu
Strict Order
Principle of Gradualness
Nurturing Qi and Moral Cultivation
Chinese Wushu and Chinese Culture
Wushu and Regimen
Wushu and Literatures, Films and TV
Chinese and Foreign Wushu Exchange
Two Big Challenges in the Martial History
Chinese Wushu Going Global
Development of Modern Chinese Wushu
Modern Wushu Centers (schools)
Wushu Education at Colleges and Universities
Wushu Competitions and Olympic Performance
Folk Wushu Development
Development Tendency
Appendix I: Notices on Wushu Exercises
Appendix II: Chronological Table of the Chinese


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