Fun with Classical Chinese Literature: Ci Poem


2019-04-30 09:14

Li Lienfung


Title: Full with Classical Chinese Literature: Ci Poem

Author: Li Lienfung

ISBN: 9787508517452

Press: China Intercontinental Press


Classical poems are an integral part of Chinese culture. The poems have been memorized, savoured and handed down from one generation to the next. Famous lines are quoted frequently in both daily life conversations and official speeches.
Shi and Ci, though both classical Chinese poems, are different in many ways. This volume focuses on Ci. Some of the most well-known Ci poems, mostly from the Song Dynasty 960-1279, are presented in this book.The unique bilingual format captures the cadence and the spirit of each poem. The hanyu pinyin to all Chinese characters makes it possible for people who cannot read Chinese language can also appreciate the poems. The author explains the poem sin such a way that you will find reading classical Chinese poems can be easy and fun. Enjoy the book

About the Author

Li Lienfung was born and raised in Shanghai, and educated in the USA Mills College and Cornell University. Her professional life was spent as a chemist in Thailand, and it was only when she retired in Singapore that she reverted to her first love - Chinese literature. Completely fluent in English and Chinese, her bilingual columns ran for decades in various newspapers in Singapore.


1 The Rules for Composing Ci 
2 Say it with the Correct Tone 
3 The Poet King Li Yu(李煜)and His Father 
4 Li Yu(李煜)Poems by a Prisoner 
5 Liu Yong(柳永)the Favourite of Cou~esans 
6 Su Dongpo(苏东坡):了he Man Himself 
7 “Memoriam” 
8 “Escaping from Here” 
9 Poems to His Brother from Su Dongpo(苏东坡) 
10 The Personality of Su Dongpo(苏东坡) 
11 Li Qingzhao(李清照)Her Life 
12“The Wind has Stopped” 
13“The Evening Breeze” 
14 Lu You(陆游)“Wrong!Wrong!Wrong!” 
15 A Love Poem 
16 Poems by Chairman Mao


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