Jia Ling


2014-12-30 12:00

Professional title: researcher

Field of research: social sciences information


Basic information: born in May, 1965, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in July, 1986 from Southwestern Normal University majoring in Chinese Language and Literature; graduated in June, 2004, with a Master’s degree from School of Literature and Journalism of Sichuan University; currently in the positions of director of Document Information Center, council member of Chinese Information Society of Social Sciences, secretary general of Sichuan Information Society of Social Sciences, council member of Library Society of Chengdu. 


Main research achievements: author of Overview of Leadership in Villages and Towns in Sichuan, Key to Happiness 365, Social Sciences Information Work in the Information Age; theses such as Analysis of Internet Communication among E-government Organizations in China, Probe and Analysis of Knowledge Service in Libraries, Construction of Library Culture in the Background of Great Cultural Prosperity and Development, Library Information Service in a Network Environment, etc.


Participated in the research project of National Social Sciences Funds: Advantages in and Digital Service of Social Sciences Information to Meet the Resource Needs in the Development of Local E-government, important research topic at Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences: Research on the Theories and Practices in Social Sciences Network Management in Sichuan, Integration of Online Social Sciences Information Resources in Sichuan Province, etc.


2014-12-30 10:56