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Rare Documents of Chinese Folk Culture in Overseas Collections Release


2024-01-29 02:05

Lu Hang
Chinese Social Sciences Today

Jan. 20th, The new book launch of Rare Documents of Chinese Folk Culture in Overseas Collections (18 kinds) was held at the National Library.

The project of “Rare Documents of Chinese Folk Culture in Overseas Collections is a result formed on the basis of the research of the 2016 National Social Science Fund major project Collation, research and database construction of Overseas Collections of rare Chinese folklore documents and cultural relics”, according to Qu Ruixin, the vice president of Shaanxi Normal University Publishing Department.

Wang Xiaobing, chief editor of the project, professor of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Center and Department of Chinese Literature at Sun Yat-sen University, and vice president of the Chinese Folklore Society, said that the reason why this series is called rare documents of Overseas Chinese folklore culture is mainly from the perspective of academic value. Whether it is folklore literature and cultural relics from China, or folklore records from the hands of Westerners, today has become a rare first-hand information. Different from handed down documents and unearthed cultural relics, folklore documents and cultural relics have relatively clear context and circulation, and their collections are large and systematic, so they can reflect the daily living conditions of people in a specific historical period and a specific region. At the same time, we can also use these documents and cultural relics to study the collection interests and academic concepts of Westerners, and explore the way and path of Chinese culture to the world.


Translated by Lena.



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