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1st Liu Xizai Literary Criticism Award Held


2024-01-29 01:49

Yao Xueqing
People's Daily

Jan.14th,The award ceremony of the Taizhou Liu Xizai Literary Criticism Award was held in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, on which were awarded, two prizes, six papers and one local critic were awarded,in accordance with the principles of strong cultural confidence, correct value judgment, equal emphasis on history and aesthetics, ideological and academic unity, the jury encourages the research and criticism of new era literature that is involved in the forefront of contemporary literary creation, and encourages the creative transformation of Chinese literary theory tradition and the construction of excellent works of literary criticism discourse with Chinese characteristics.

According to reports, Taizhou Liu Xizai Literary Criticism Award is a literary criticism award named after Liu Xizai, a modern Chinese writer and theorist, jointly established by Jiangsu Provincial Writers Association and Taizhou Municipal Party Committee Publicity Department. The award is selected every two years, and Taizhou is the permanent award place.


Translated by Lena.





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