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Xi Liao River Seminar


2023-08-30 02:32

Renmin Daily

LIAO TONG, Aug.21--The Xi Liao River Seminar was held in Inner Mongolia, which was co-hosted by Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Bureau of Cultural Heritage. This meeting attracted more than 50 scholars to gather together for discussing and origin and development of Chinese civilization.

The Xi Liao River Basin, the Yellow River Basin and the Yangtze River Basin are both important birthplaces of Chinese civilization. Through the efforts of archaeologists, a complete cultural pedigree has been constructed in this basinAmong which, Hongshan culture and Yangshao culture in the Yellow River basin, Lingjiatan culture and Liangzhu culture in the Yangtze River basin all played an important role in the origin and formation of Chinese civilization. Tongliao is an important region in Xi liao River basin, where the farming culture of the central plains, the northern grassland culture and the fishing and hunting culture of the Northeast converge, promoting the exchange and integration of the regional culture, and many sites in the territory have been selected as Ten new archaeological discoveries in the country and New archaeological discoveries in China. At the seminar, experts and scholars compared and analyzed the key characteristics of the cultures in the three great rivers and their possible interactions from the aspects of pottery types, jade and ritual, agricultural origins, settlement forms, etc., to explore the origin and development process of Chinese civilization.


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