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1st International Forum on Protection of Grotto Temples Held


2023-08-29 08:33

Jiang Feng
Renmin Daily

Aug. 19th, the 1st International Forum on the Protection of Grotto Temples was held in Dazu District, Chongqing.

This meeting mainly focuses on the protection of grottoes in the context of climate change, aiming to bring together the wisdom of all parties from an international perspective, help the protection of grottoes to cope with climate change, and form a recognizable brand of international exchange and cooperation in the protection of grottoes, and contribute to the efforts to find a road of protection and utilization of grottoes with Chinese characteristics.

During the 3-day forum, Chinese and foreign experts and scholars in the field of grottoes temple protection conducted extensive discussions and in-depth exchanges on topics such as opportunities and challenges faced by grottoes temple protection under climate change, key scientific issues and technological progress of grottoes temple science and technology protection, grottoes temple archaeology and multi-value excavation, and grottoes temple monitoring and risk management, sharing classic cases and integrating framework ideas. Discuss the technical strategy and look forward to the future direction.


Translated by Lena.


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