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Academic Seminar on Bashu Family Traditions & Admonish Held in Sichuan


2021-01-06 07:21

Su Donglai
Sichuan Academy of Social Scienc


Dec.28, Academic Seminar on Family Traditions & Admonish of Bashu was held in Yibin,Sichuan, which gathered over 80 scholars together for offering suggestions for inheritance of Bashu family tradition culture and the revitalization of rural culture.

The symposium was hosted by Research Institute of History, Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, Yibin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Publicity Department of Yibin Municipal Committee of the CPC.

The meeting was discussed and exchanged around themes such as The Historical Inheritance of  Chinese Admonish, The Historical Mechanism of the Formation of Sichuan Family Traditions in the Qing Dynasty and Its Practical Reference Significance, Daily Moralized by Water is Better’”, etc., by Researcher Tan Jihe, head of Association of Sichuan Historians, Researcher Chen Shisong, director of Research Center for the Hakka, Prof. Qi Hehui of College of Literature, Southwest University for Nationalities and so on. 

The core keywords were proposed from multiple perspectives such as history, art, education and immigrant culture, focusing on the inheritance of Nanxi family tradition and family admonish culture and the development path of beautiful rural revitalization., such as Innocent Culture, Waters Culture, New Xiangxian Culture, and Rural Artistry, etc.

Translated by Lena




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