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The 2016 International Conference on Strategic Management held in Sichuan University

Weng Jun

2016-03-17 12:00




From March 10th to March 11th, the 2016 International Conference on Strategic Management (2016 ICSM) with the theme of “innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy in the era of Internet” was held in Sichuan University. Professor Yan Shijing, Vice president of Sichuan University, attended the meeting and addressed to the opening ceremony. Arch Woodside, the editor in chief of the “Journal of Business Research”, Roger Marshall, chief editor of the “Australasian marketing journal”, more than 120 relevant experts and scholars from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and, China Renmin University, Nankai University and other universities and research institutes attended the meeting.

Professor Yan Shijing expressed his warm congratulations to the meeting and delivered sincere welcome to the experts and scholars. He briefly introduced the basic situation of Sichuan University and hoped that the conference will promote academic exchanges in related fields the sustainable development of global strategic management research.


Around "the innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy in the era of Internet" arranged the 6 general assembly reports, the 5 paralleling meetings are divided into the "innovation and entrepreneurship growth, "corporate restructuring: strategy and policy", "Tourism Development: Path and coordination", "behavior management under the new economic background, and the experts and scholars in related fields do keynote speeches from different angles. In the wonderful speeches, both rigorous theoretical research, a simple approach to analyze, vivid stories, and the innovated actively exploring are shared. The statements are integrated with the modern management theories and frontier practices to broaden the thinking and vision for all, and in the interaction the management science theory and practice can be profoundly experienced.

The conference also arranged the workshop with theme of “Quantitative Modeling of Case-Level Data and How to Publish in A* and A Ranked Journals”, and Professor Arch Woodside delivered a wonderful sharing and interaction on study of data model and high level academic journals.


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