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2015 Sino-Indian Forum Successfully Held in SASS


2015-11-04 12:00

From Oct. 26th to 27th, 2015 Sino-Indian Forum is grandly held in SASS, which is co-organized by SASS, Sichuan Bureau of Expo Affairs, Indian Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), International Management Institute, Delhi, India. As a sub-forum for “2015 Western China (Sichuan) Import Exhibition and International Investment Conference”, its theme is “Sino-Indian Relationship: Change and Development”, which focuses on the economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges under the background of new change of Sino-Indian relationship. More than 100 experts and scholars from the fields of economy, society, culture, education and environment attend this meeting, as well as it attracts above 10 media coverage, such as Xinhua net, People.com.cn, China news.com, and Sichuan Daily, etc.

The opening ceremony is hosted by President Hou Shuiping. Mr. Luo Zhiping, Deputy Secretary-General of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government delivers the speech. Mr. Li Xiaojun, Deputy Director of the Information Office of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, Mr. Y.K. Sailas Thanga, Consul General of Indian Consulate General in Guangzhou, Party Secretary Li Houqiang, Ms. Liu Ying, Deputy Director of Sichuan Bureau of Expo Affairs, Prof. Arindam Banik of International Management Institute and Prof. Durgam Rajasekhar of ISEC also address. Mr. Luo Zhiping, Mr. Li Xiaojun and Mr. Y.K. Sailas Thanga express warm congratulations on the success of the forum, and highly affirm its positive effect in accelerating Sino-Indian cooperation, promoting exchange between Sichuan and India and boosting academic development.

Firstly, Li Houqiang enthusiastically addresses, “both China and India have their own great and long history, which have accumulate human's most ancient civilizations. As the famous Tianfu Think-tank, SASS has pursued research on Indian problems for a long time, and has scored great successes. We expect the forum will grow more and more successful, and contribute to the academic exchanges and friendship between the two countries”.

Next, Researcher Guo Xiaoming, Prof. Arindam Banik, Prof. Durgam Rajasekhar and so on deliver keynote speech on “the change and development of Sino-Indian relations, includes cooperation trend of the two countries and influence of and Sino-Indian opening up”, “Sino-Indian relations, opportunity & challenges which economic and social development are facing under the ‘B&R’, and cooperation fields & methods of Sichuan and India”, “unique problems occur in the development of Sino-Indian economy and society, include education & agricultural subsidy system, infrastructure development policy, and banking sector reform”, and “Sino-Indian cultural interaction, Sino-Indian national image transmission and development and change of Sino-Indian relations with public opinion in the information age”.

Then, more than 30 Chinese and Indian scholars give wonderful academic lectures around the following themes—“’B&R’ and Economic and Trade Cooperation” and “Sino-Indian Exchange—History and Culture”; experts from both countries review from broad and different academic view.

Finally, the closing ceremony is hosted by Vice-President GuoXiaoming, and concluded by Researcher Xiao Baoyun, director of Research Institute of India; Xiang says that the forum reflects extensive participation, abundant thesis, rigorous academic attitude, profound interaction and unexhausted academic discussion, he also hopes Sino-Indian Forum to be a famous brand for international academic exchange, for friendly cooperation and mutual development of China and India.


2015-11-04 04:15
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