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High-end Forum for Sanxingdui and Ancient Shu Dynasty Civilization Held


2022-06-22 03:25

Zeng Jiang,Zhao Xuzhou

CHENGDU,May 28--High-end Forum for the Sanxingdui and Ancient Shu Dynasty Civilization was successfuly via online and offline, which attracted scholars and experts to gather for discussions and exchanges, and jointly promoting the in-depth study of Sanxingdui and ancient Shu Dynasty civilization.

The Sanxingdui site is an ancient cultural site with the widest distribution, longest duration and richest cultural connotation in southwest China. The excavation of six new sacrificial pits in Sanxingdui has pushed sanxingdui culture to a new peak from the perspectives of academic research and social attention, and the academic community has cooperated deeply to carry out comprehensive and systematic research.

The opening lecture for Sanxingdui Culture and Chinese Civilization Research, the major project of National Social Science Fund, and Bashu Bronzes and Social Research from the Perspective of Science and Technology, the National Social Science Foundation Key Project    were presided over by Professor Li Haichao of Sichuan University,  and the evaluation group consisting of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, CASS, Peking University, Sichuan Institute of Cultural Relics and ArchaeologySichuan Academy of Social Sciences, SASS, and Sichuan University, etc. fully affirmed the significance of the research and put forward academic suggestions.

During the discussion stage, the experts and scholars in-depth exchanged surrounding the Sanxingdui archeological culture significance, the characteristics of the Sanxingdui country, Bashu arts, culture and technology, the Sanxingdui bronze casting technology and so on, for promoting the Sanxingdui archeological work, sorting, research and interpretation of the results.

Translated by Lena.


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