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Three-Su Temple Has Modern Exhibition Hall


2022-04-02 12:00


An exhibition of cultural relics about Sushi is held in his hometown - Meishan City, which will last until May 5th . It is the first exhibition to be held after the completion of the upgrade project of Su Xuan, a warehouse to store cultural relics about Sushi, and the exhibition hall.

The exhibition is divided into two parts: a special exhibition of cultural relics about Su Shi and a special exhibition of Complete Works of Su Shi's Calligraphy(45 volumes). The exhibition covers a period of nearly a thousand years, from the Song Dynasty to modern times, including 45 pieces of precious cultural relics, such as paintingscalligraphy and implements, and more than 170 pieces of Su Shi's calligraphy works and ancient books and documents. The most precious treasure of Three-Su Temple -- "Record of the Old Tipplers Pavilion" Song rubbings, as well as "Record of Meishan Vision Building" and other precious cultural relics made their debut.

Chen Zhongwen, curator of Three-Su Temple Museum, said that he believed that visitors to Three-Su Temple would like to see the precious cultural relics related to Three-Su. Unfortunately, the conditions for disclosure were lacking in the past. Now, the completion of Su Xuan, provides a modern exhibition hall for Three-Su Temple which is a national key cultural relics protection unit. By this all cultural relics will be gradually opened to the public.

It is reported that Su Xuan cultural relics exhibition hall is located on the north of Three-Su Temple Museum. After three years of construction, covering an area of about 3500 square meters and built as courtyard layout, it is divided into two layers - the ground layer and the underground layer. The ground part mainly stores collection of precious cultural relics and the underground part stores ordinary cultural relics or cultural relics like China which demand looser physical environment.


Translated by Zhou Mengjiao




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