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The 2021 Mountain County Rural Revitalization Summit Held in Hanyuan County


2021-06-24 07:58



"Cooperation, Empowerment, Sharing - Hanyuan·2021 Mountain County Rural Revitalization Summit" was held in Hanyuan County, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province from May 22nd to 23rd. This summit was hosted by Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, Sichuan Rural Revitalization Strategic Research Think Tank and Ya'an Municipal People's Government, and undertaken by Ya'an Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, Ya'an Poverty Alleviation and Development Bureau and Hanyuan County People's Government. Well-known experts and scholars gathered in Hanyuan to carry out on-site investigations, keynote speeches, topic sharing and other activities to gather consensus on rural revitalization and development in mountainous counties, and form guiding and operable research results for further effective connection between the results of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, promote the high-quality development of farmer cooperatives and family farms, promote the integration of small farmers into the modern agricultural development process, and promote the implementation of the national rural revitalization strategy with high quality.

On the afternoon of May 22nd, the guests went to the Modern Agricultural Park of Hanyuan Pepper, Hanyuan Sweet Cherry Planting Base, Aniu Digital Agriculture Exhibition Hall and other places to investigate the work practices of Hanyuan’s development of characteristic industries to promote rural revitalization and smart agriculture, and its organization revitalization to lead the integrated development of agriculture and tourism and the operation of new agricultural business entities.They sincerely admired the industrial beauty of Hanyuan and fully affirmed the achievements of Hanyuan's rural revitalization.

On the morning of May 23rd, Sessions like the opening ceremony, keynote speech, topic sharing, topic discussion, release and signing, and forum summary were held.

During the keynote speech stage, Zhang Hongyu, Deputy Dean of the China Rural Research Institute of Tsinghua University, gave a keynote speech entitled "Farmer Cooperatives and Rural Revitalization Strategy Implementation."He believes that it is essential to effectively cultivate new agricultural business entities in order to take a path of rural revitalization with Chinese characteristics.Zhao Tieqiao, the first-level inspector of the Rural Cooperative Economic Guidance Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, gave a keynote speech entitled "Accelerating the High-quality Development of Cooperatives". He believed that farmer cooperatives are important organization carriers to effectively link the modern agriculture for hundreds of millions of small farmers.

Subsequently, Li Houqiang,the Secretary of the Committee of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences of CPC. gave a keynote speech. In his report, he proposed to establish the concept of "Hanyuan Rural Organization Study". He pointed out that rural organization study is an interdisciplinary subject of behavioral organization study, rural sociology and rural economics.Hanyuan has many innovations and achievements in organizing farmers to increase income, agriculture to increase efficiency, and rural area to increase prosperity. "Hanyuan Rural Organization Study" refers to the principles, concepts and methods created by Hanyuan for grassroots autonomous organizations and economic operation organizations in the work of farmers, rural areas, and agriculture. The core is that Party building leads the construction and development of grassroots organizations, thereby driving the rural economy and society progress and prosperity.

During the theme sharing stage, five pilot counties (districts, cities) including Xiuzhou District of Zhejiang Province, Taixing City of Jiangsu Province, Hanyuan County of Sichuan Province, Gaoping District of Nanchong City, and Anzhou District of Mianyang City, respectively shared their experiences and practices to guests present.

During the topic discussion stage, representatives of relevant parties such as government authorities, professional service agencies, and front-line operation teams jointly conducted a topic discussion on how to cultivate farmer cooperatives and promote rural revitalization. Guo Xiaoming, Professor of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, emphasized that it is necessary to fully realize the important role of family farms and farmer cooperatives in rural revitalization real farmer cooperatives formed by relying on leading industries should receive greater policy support.

During the summit, Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences and China Farmer Cooperative Research Center jointly released the "Innovative Experience and Policy Enlightenment for the High-Quality Development of Farmer Cooperatives in Hanyuan County", and the "2021 Hanyuan Declaration on Rural Rejuvenation in Mountain Counties".

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