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“Long March Cultural Forum and the 3rd Yi Sea Academic Summit”Grandly Held


2021-06-17 03:07

Shi Weidan
Sichuan Academy of Social Scienc

May 21st,Mianning- Long March Cultural Forum and the 3rd Yi Sea Academic Summitwas grandly held in Sichuan, which was hosted by Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences and the Party History Research Office of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC. Over 90 scholars and authorities from Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC, Institute of Party History and Literature of Central Committee of the CPC, Guangdong Police College, Party School of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPC, Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, etc. attended this conference.


Professor Li Houqiang, party secretary of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences Committee of the CPC made a speech titled Methodology Significance of Yi Sea Alliance. It embodies the innovative methods of ethnic work of the Party and the Red Army, according to Li, nowdays, the task of poverty alleviation has completed in Mianning, its expected to not only carry forward the spirit of Yi Sea alliance, but also learn methodological wisdom from it to carry out ethnic work and mass work, continue to consolidate the achievements and vigorously promote rural revitalization for achieving the second “Centenary Goal” through hard work.


The theme of this meeting is Carrying out the Spirit of Long March and Promoting Rural Revitalization . Its discussed in-depth centered on the following eight topics: Basic Experience of the Long March Spirit Helping Poverty Alleviation, Rural Revitalization Guided by the Long March Spirit, Collecting and Collating the Historical Data of the Yi Sea Alliance and Its Value in the Times, Curriculum Design and Theme Education of Yi Sea Alliance Cadre College, Long March Spirit and Promoting Cadre Education and so on.

Translated by Lena.


2021-06-17 11:08
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