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2019 Data Opening Index Report Released in Sichuan


2020-04-29 02:32

Chen Song
Sichuan Daily

Feb. 21st, Sichuan Data Opening Index Report 2019 was released by Sichuan Big Data Center,which was the first to publicly evaluate and release the provincial data opening, and also the first province in China to comprehensively evaluate the provincial data opening.

According to the report, the overall framework of data opening in Sichuan province has been basically completed, and the overall situation of providing data opening services to the public based on the public data opening network has taken shape. However, the service capacity, data release volume and data quality of the open platform need to be improved urgently.

In May 2018, Chengdu was the first city to launch the Chengdu public data open platform; By the end of the year, the Sichuan public data opening network was basically completed and put into trial operation; and the Sichuan public data open network was officially launched, with municipal public data open websites in Luzhou, Mianyang, Guangyuan, Suining, Neijiang, Yaan, etc. by the year 2019.

Sichuan Public Data Opening Network  has released 1,160 open data sets, 89 open interfaces and 23 open applications from 45 provincial departments and 2 cities (prefectures), with a total of 92.85 million open data, which covers a variety of topics, including education and culture, health care, public safety, urban housing, life services, social assistance, social security and employment, credit services, transportation, ecological environment, and legal services.

The report systematically analyzes and comprehensively assesses the data opening level of 21 cities (prefectures) in Sichuan Province, which focuses on the assessment of platform construction and data, with a full score of 100, of which the platform layer accounts for 60 points and the data layer for 40 points. In terms of the overall situation of data opening, Chengdu has the highest opening index, followed by Yibin, Panzhihua and Dazhou, and the other 17 cities are all below 60.


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