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China Regional Innovation Index Report (2019) & China Think-tank Influence Report (2019) Released in SASS


2020-04-02 08:12

Hua Xia,Zeng Jiang,He Lijuan


Mar.31st, 2020, China Regional Innovation Index Report (2019) & China Think-tank Influence Report (2019) were released in Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, SASS, Chengdu City, which were jointly created by SASS and Chengdu Literature and Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, CASS. Professor Li Houqiang, the secretary of Party Committee of SASS, and Researcher Zhang Zhiqiang, the director of Chengdu Literature and Information Center presented the conference, which was hosted by Prof. Yao Leye, and relevant staff and teams attended. 2020 is the fifth year for releasing the two think-tanks results, as well as the same year of collaborating and innovating for SASS and CASS, since which two reports have become a domestic reputation of good influence.

Prof.Li stressed that given two reports extensive impact on society, they are exerted mainly through guidance, brand, attract effect and talent effect. The themes are Regional Innovation and Governance Decision, which are parallel in national development and complement each other, said Li.

Themed on scientific evaluation to guide scientific development, Prof. Zhang pointed out that the two reports are both evaluation reports, one is the evaluation of management decisions based on ideological institutions, the other is the evaluation of economic development goals and tasks based on regional development; one is the evaluation of ideological governance, the other is the evaluation of scientific and technological progress; one is the evaluation of the ideological achievements, the other is the evaluation of the economic output. Neither report is judged by rankings, but by an observation of the direction of governance and an examination of the state of economic development. He also says that China is currently in a century of unprecedented changes, think-tank research has a lot to do, to grasp the change in the world pattern, the change in the international order, the change in science and technology, the change in development paradigm, the change in social form, the change in the development of civilization, facing the future, planning strategies, and providing advice and counsel for governments; meanwhile, the evaluation are expected to continuously improve and enrich, it is necessary to make scientific evaluation to guide the development of science.

Prof. Yao in the conclusion said the two reports have distinct themes and distinctive features. They have been continuously researched and developed for five years, and have produced a good impact on social; In the future, the two think-tank organizations should cooperate to upgrade the quality and launch professional, forward-looking and high-quality think-tank products.




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