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Presses in Sichuan Contributed to the Fight Against the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic


2020-02-20 03:51


The electronic version of the "Handbook of Mass Mental Protection for the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic", jointly published by West China Hospital of Sichuan University and Sichuan Science and Technology Press, was officially released on January 31.As soon as the book was launched, it won praises from readers and the industry for practical and instructive content and free reading. As the nation's first mental protection reading for the epidemic, it only took two-odd days from planning to going online. The book not only introduces the common psychological problems during the outbreak of the epidemic, analyzes the negative effects of these psychological problems on body and mind, but also provides a simple and effective way to adjust body and mind, as well as a professional channel for psychological help.

Other presses in Sichuan also contributed to the fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic. Sichuan Ethnic Publishing House and Guangdong Science and Technology Press jointly published "Precautions Against the Novel Coronavirus Infection" (Tibetan-Chinese) (Yi-Chinese). The Tibetan-Chinese version is the nation's first publication on the novel coronavirus epidemic with ethnic language. Its electronic version was launched on February 1. China's first anti-epidemic poem collection, edited by the famous poet Liang Ping and compiled by Sichuan Literature and Art Publishing House, is also under intense writing.In addition, the anti-virus song collection activity, with the theme of "We Are Together", organized by Sichuan Digital Publishing Company and Chengdu Musicians Association, have received hundreds of works.

What mentioned above is only part of the work done by presses in Sichuan in the fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic and more works is on the way.



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